1.- SONECOM reconocida por ASE como sociedad hermana


January 23, 2018

Dr. Carlos H. Ixcamparij Rosales
Presidente, Sociedad Nacional de Ecocardiografia de México A.C. (SONECOM)

Dear Dr. Ixcamparij Rosales:

The American Society of Echocardiography (ASE) is excited that SONECOM is interested in entering into an alliance arrangement with our organization and appreciates your submission of materials to apply for this designation. This new partnership will provide expanded opportunities for our organizations to share knowledge, expand thought leadership, and enhance standards and practices based on the best thinking worldwide for improved patient care.

As an alliance partner, this program will commence immediately and end on December 31, 2019, after which time the agreement may be renewed. As part of this agreement, the American Society of Echocardiography agrees to:


• Recognize your organization in the following ways:

I. Listing on ASE website with a link to your website and including the society logo.
II. Signage at ASE Scientific Sessions promoting your affiliation and a display area on exhibit show floor (ASE's Echo Around the World area, or other similar location).
III. Invitation and recognition of alliance status societies at the International Leadership
Roundtable during ASE Scientific Sessions. You will receive three attendee tickets to the luncheon to use at your discretion.

• Invite your organization to endorse ASE guideline documents (endorsement noted on the title page of the document)

• Obtain and utilize a short list of outstanding members from your organization (with their areas of expertise and contact information and submitted by you) for inclusion on ASE speaker and author databases (selection cannot be guaranteed and list must be submitted according to deadline set by Program Committee).

• Invite your organization to participate in potential future studies organized by ASE and other collaborative opportunities that may become available.

• Invite your organization to apply for a review of your annual meeting for ASE’s endorsement. ASE-endorsed meetings of alliance partners will be included on, the monthly course listing of the Journal of the American Society of Echocardiography, and the monthly course listing in the ASE member education newsletter (time permitting).

• A visit by an ASE leader representative to your organization’s annual meeting, depending on their schedule availability and with travel funded by the host society.


In return, your organization agrees to the following through your website links and member

• Provide assistance to give greater visibility of ASE guideline documents to your members
• Provide assistance to increase research/abstracts submissions from your members to ASE’s annual meeting
• Provide assistance to promote the ASE Scientific Sessions to your members

Welcome SONECOM on ASE’s list of alliance partners!

Best regards,

Vera Rigolin, MD, FASE